Environment Design

This is a commission slot. You can hire interoo to create a personalized artwork of this sort here.

  • $ 90.00 base price
  • 1-2 weeks estimated turnaround
  • 2 / 2 available
Environment Design
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within 3.6 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 21 clients thus far.

interoo describes this slot:

Its Environment Design!

Depending on the subject matter, you can provide me the core idea and specifications and I can create an environment, whether it be a concept art or an illustration. The environment could be used for games, banners, or just a personal collection. The price and turnaround would vary on each project. I can also do illustrations, or anything else, just run it by me and I'll see if i am equipped to do it. Thanks!


halblonious writes:

Always great to work with!

halblonious writes:

Jason keeps making wonderful art for us. We hope to use him again for our board game expansions!

halblonious writes:

As always, he provided us with an incredible image!

Yatiskulla writes:

Talented artist, Great Communicator and flexible in terms of fast evolving requirements/designs.

halblonious writes:

Once again, he has gone above and beyond to create a wonderful piece of art for our game! - Portland Gamecraft

halblonious writes:

He continues to provide wonderful art for our project - http://portlandgamecraft.com/after-the-empire-dev/ We will be using him again when it's time for expansions!

DaveMask writes:

Did very good work quickly and listened carefully to my requests. I would commission this artist again in a heartbeat.

Peachesandcream writes:

Timely, responsive, and thoroughly interested in bringing your image to life.

halblonious writes:

Mr. Park continues to make wonderful and creative pieces for our game. Thank you! -Portland Gamecraft

halblonious writes:

He has provided so many wonderful pieces of art for our board game. What an amazing artist. - Portland Gamecraft

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