Pokemon Trainer Team Painting
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Pokemon Trainer Team Painting

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Hello! Thank you for checking out my gig!

I will draw & paint you and your pokemon,

What's included in the price above?

  1. One pokémon of your choice (Whatever the size, details, etc)
  2. One Trainer Character (Can be full body, half body or a close up)
  3. Background Included
  4. One aesthetic effect (Snow/rainbows/glitter/falling leaves/sakura etc)

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

client reviews


July 15 2020

very friendly artist, made all the edits I wanted, took all of my input. fast a reliable, I will be commissioning them in the future for sure.


January 30 2020

Very attentive to your wants and needs. Wonderful communication and great work. Definitely recommend. :)


December 06 2019

Blown away yet again!


July 14 2019

Lovely artist once again. Quick, kind, attentive to your character on a level that few others are. 11/10 reccomend


June 17 2019

Quick work, great customer service.


June 15 2019

A talented artist who works quickly and communicates really well! Would recommend to anyone looking for beautiful art: Eflyn brought my D&D character to life with enthusiasm and creativity! Thank you so much. <3


May 22 2019

Absolutely Amazing artist to work with from start to finish. Quick responses, several sketches and took liberties where needed. Will definitely be working with Eflyn again :D


May 20 2019

Incredible artist! Kind, funny, and extremely talented! I would recommend everyone to work with them!


April 25 2019

Very amiable artist, I loved working with him and the final product was simply amazing! I can not recommend more, everything about the experience and art was superb!


October 12 2018

Decent turn around time

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