Colored Knee Up Detail
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Colored Knee Up Detail

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Hello, My Name is Celine ^^
I'm Freelance Ilustrator.
I'm open Commission right now.
You can Send Private message if you wan't to order ^^.

I can draw: Fan art, Original Character
Kids /Shota, Male, Female, Chibi ETC.
I do not accept : Nsfw,Mecha,Furry (But Ear,Tale is Okay).

NOTE For Background :
+ Simple bacgkround Free like sample free /Blur Abstract Bacgkround.
+ Detailed BG (5-10$)
For Accessories/Item:
+ Add accecoris 2-10 $
For Commercial Use :
+ Prices are double (2X)

You will get:
1. HD Art with Simple bacgkround
(2000*3000 / 2000*2500 / 2000*2000)
2. Art Non background (PNG).
3. All Art Non Watermark.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 1 client thus far.

client reviews


October 23 2020

Super good and friendly artist. Gave wipe and has Excellent quality art. Would commission again.


August 27 2020

Very quick!!! Lots of updates and beautiful work


July 28 2020

very fast worker and happily made any changes i ask would reccomend


July 24 2020

lovely art


July 16 2020

Very sparkly details and colors that leave one in wonder. As long as you give them basic details or plenty of references, you'll get something charming.


July 12 2020

Great artist, got back to me really fast, and listened really well to all request.


July 09 2020

One of my favorite artists. Fast, efficient, communicative, and makes sure you're satisfied with the work. Please do yourself a favor and commission them!


June 29 2020

Beautiful art, affordable, and timely! Kept me updated every step of the way and was very open to whatever changes I wanted


May 30 2020

The art was done quick, good communication, giving you lots of work in procress, and kind and easy to approach artist ^^ commisioned for colored headshot detail, the art is high quality like the sample and very cute artstyle i recommend this artist ^_^


May 25 2020

They worked really fast ! The changes were made when I asked ~ They have some problems with English but if you explain with pictures, everything will be allright ???? Their drawing is also really cute and cheap, please consider commissioning them !

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