Double oc fullbody
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Double oc fullbody

I will draw two of your ocs in the same drawing, interacting or not. This slot is open to any style or form of oc.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 1 client thus far.

client reviews


October 07 2017

My character came out really great, even better that what I expected. The artist was really kind. Great art for a great price 10/10


May 15 2017

Awesome work I love it!


April 30 2016

Holy crap, man. Paige does such a good job with communication and finished my commission in less than 24 hours!! Not to mention how well the art is done. My characters came out adorable ;v; Totally commission this girl, OK?? I'll probably commission again soon ;3c


April 22 2016

the OC came out amazing! art was beautiful, concept was amazing, prices are great, and it came very quickly and it was amazing. thank you!


April 21 2016

Awesome job !! Thank you so much for this adorable bb, I'll take good care of her <33


March 16 2016

Talented, quick, and really great value for such high quality work ^w^


March 15 2016

<3 thanks again for your amazing art!!!


January 24 2016

Thanks love Misty is so adorable!!!!<3


January 02 2016

Thanks again love!!! (=^^=)~*


December 30 2015

Thanks so much for Ebony!!! She's so beautiful ;3; you did a very good job! I adore and admire your work! ~*(=^^=)*~

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