Scene Illustration
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Scene Illustration

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A scene with up to 2 characters.
The style can be either full painted or with a lineart base (ex:

Before I start working send me a description of the scene and photo reference for any specific request. I always send work in progress updates so that you can check and change details on the current stage of the piece.

NSFW is fine as long as it doesn't contain violence or explicit sex scenes (in case you are not sure if your request fits the description or not just send me a note)

Feel free to contact me for any more info, I'll reply as soon as possible!

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 8 clients thus far.

client reviews


June 24 2020

Exceptional work from a friendly and talented artist. I cannot recommend them enough!


June 10 2020

Crispycocoon was nothing short brilliant. I gave very loose direction, and she was able to create a piece that was exactly what I wanted. Very open, great communication, and an overall pleasure to work with. Go ahead and hit that commission button, you won't regret it!


May 22 2020

They're really amazing and friendly, I would a hundred percent commission them again!


April 20 2020

Fantastic turn around and amazing communication, absolutely loved the work that they did and would commission again in a heart beat!


March 16 2020

Absolutely wonderful and I would love to come Crispycocoon again! Well timed and well drawed! If you ever need a reference sheet they're the one to go to!


January 19 2020

I am very happy with the results! Crispy is a treat to work with!


November 08 2019

Thank you so much - it means the world to me.


September 26 2019

Wonderful artist - very communicative and receptive to changes and adjustments. I gave them a large complex scene with multiple characters, and it was completed with great skill. Would definitely commission this artist again.


February 02 2019

Very dependable and always a great job!


February 02 2019

good work with updates throughout the process

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