Headshot Portrait in color
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Headshot Portrait in color

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  1. Message me. You can send me random references from the internet, pictures of your OC, expression or colors to have initial ideas. But I can work just with written description too.

  2. If I'm able to do your painting, I'll approve your commission and you change the state to "paid". I'll start to work on drafts.

  3. You select 1 or 2 sketches that I'll refine.

  4. You select 1 sketch and I start to work on the final version. I'll show WIPs.

  5. You approve the final version and you change the state to "completed". Then I'll send your files.





I hope we can work together into something AWESOME!!!

More of my work: DeviantArt

Please read my terms.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 4 clients thus far.

client reviews


May 19 2020

Always a wonderful artist to work with; will be coming back time and time again!


May 08 2020

Absolutely fantastic artist; keeps checking back and making revisions to make sure you get just what you need. Definitely coming back!


March 16 2020

I love comissioning Ivan, such a friendly and energetic artist to work with. They always seem excited to draw my characters and thats such a lovely feeling!


March 11 2020

Beautiful artwork again from the lovely Ivan! Would very much reccomend! Definjtely viming back again in future:D


February 15 2020

EXCELENT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Your OC will look dynamic in this artist's style! Fantastic work!


February 10 2020

I asked the artist after my previous comission if they could make it into a landscape file for me, and they provided it in many lovely different versions and within a day of asking. Ivan is such a lovely artist to work with and I hope other people comission him!


February 09 2020

Honestly I was worried to comission someone who hadn't done any comissions yet on this platform. But Ivan is such an amazing and lovely artist whos communication is simply amazing! The art piece is astounding and is exactly what I wanted and more! I HIGHLY reccomend this artist and I will be definitely coming back soon for more!

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