Colored Headshot/Bust
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Colored Headshot/Bust

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size canvas you can requested. just tell me ^_^
Other options:
*Bust: +$5
that price with detail and 2 revision on color and unlimited on sketch ^^ + random BG

I dont:
-Old people

look my waitinglist first on my trello ^^

The artist will most likely respond to a request within 2.4 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 17 clients thus far.

client reviews


January 16 2021

I highly recommend this artist! They check back with you after each step to ensure the result is what you wanted and easily apply revisions and small changes you ask for. Very friendly and fast, too! ^^


January 16 2021

amazing work and a pleasure to work with! extremely satisfied <3


January 14 2021

A thoughtful and efficient artist. They took their time with me and were open and diligent to make the changes I had asked for! The artist helped me settle on a pose for the characters without growing impatient as I had troubles making up my mind with the end result being adorable and everything I had been hoping for. If you're wanting a cute, affordable chibi artist Yukiame13 is someone you should highly consider going to!


January 11 2021

They did an excellent job once again. Would highly recommend them!


January 02 2021

Excellent Art Quality. Very prompt in responding to questions & very good at updating progress.


January 02 2021

Wonderful work, remembered my comission and worked through it really quickly with a great result!


December 20 2020

An excellent artist who's not only really open to suggestions, but also pretty consistent with updates throughout the process. Definitively would recommend if you like your commissions to be done extremely well!


December 19 2020

This artist's work is really, really excellent. I've ordered from them several times and each time, I've gotten amazing work. Artist communicates often and is very willing to make revisions, if needed. I really recommend them.


December 15 2020

Yukiame did an amazing job. They were very honest and fast with their turn around speed, told me when I could expect things, and were right on time. The final product was beautiful and I'm very pleased! I highly recommend them.


December 12 2020

A wonderful artist, who listens to any and all feedback. I will be commissioning them again really soon for their upstanding work!

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