Portrait like Classic Oil Painting
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Portrait like Classic Oil Painting

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Portrait / bust up painting + simple background. Full colored.

Adding characters, complexity such armor/outfit, background will be cost additional charge.

Please be sure to message me first before placing an order or take my slot so I can give you the best quote for your need.

PS: be patient please for the best result.

~×who come first are first to serve×~

Thank you :)

The artist will most likely respond to a request within 1.5 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 24 clients thus far.

client reviews


June 05 2020

Beautiful work! <333 Really great to work with, there was a lot of communication through the commission, and they were happy to fix any little changes I wanted to see! I am so pleased with the commission I received, and I'm already making plans to buy again! Can't recommend enough!


June 01 2020

Was great working with him


June 01 2020

Excellent communication, open to changes when needed. I love this piece!


May 21 2020

He was upfront with me about a longer wait before taking my commission, very good transparency. Each step of the way, he made sure that I was completely okay with the progress and made me feel comfortable in case I wanted any changes. Overall it was a very amazing job and worth the wait! Thank you Same!!! :)


May 08 2020

Same is a wonderful artist who is a dream to work with. He took my references and made an amazing piece. I definitely plan to commission him again in the future! Simply fantastic. I highly recommend him!


March 29 2020

Very awesome work and great communication. I'm really happy with how the piece turned out.


March 23 2020

Wonderful artist!


March 16 2020

Great art, great communication. Amazing. Do recommend


February 27 2020

Fantastic artist to work with, updates you every step of the way and shows you great work in progress pictures, also does not mind doing any changes! Loved the experience :)


February 22 2020

Thank you once again for the quick turnaround and detailed painting. I love the fact you were able to capture the character using old style painting and techniques. You are a great artist and I wish you the best on your future projects. You deserve it!

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