Portrait like Classic Oil Painting
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Portrait like Classic Oil Painting

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Portrait / bust up painting + simple background. Full colored.

Adding characters, complexity such armor/outfit, background will be cost additional charge.

Please be sure to message me first before placing an order or take my slot so I can give you the best quote for your need.

PS: be patient please for the best result.

~×who come first are first to serve×~

Thank you :)

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 33 clients thus far.

client reviews


December 05 2020

The artist did a phenomenal job with the commission. They were an absolute flame to work with and I couldn’t be happier. Definitely would recommend anyone their services.


December 03 2020

I couldn’t be happier with the finished product I got, and I feel very lucky to have found such a talented artist! If you consider commissioning something of your own know that you’ll be treated to plenty of patience when it comes to your “vision” and you’ll have a custom piece that’s a cut above the rest!


December 02 2020

100% worth the wait and one of the nicest, easy-going artists to work with.


November 06 2020

Absolutely incredible. Really takes your wishes and feedback into consideration and is generally amazing to work with and I'm stunned by the final result.


October 21 2020

It is always such a pleasure to work with this artist, I get excited every time they allow me to be a part of their process of bringing my characters to life. Same is fantastic and I will continue coming back as a repeat customer <3


October 08 2020

Worth the wait. One of the best artists I ever worked with! I am so happy with the final result! Thank you so much. :D


September 25 2020

it is always such a pleasure to be able to work with this artist. They communicate well and keep you updated through the process, I will continue to come back to them whenever I have the chance to!


August 07 2020

I cannot believe how willing this artist was to work with me! They made all the changes I wanted and worked with me even though I took forever to get back with them! I 100% recommend this artist!


June 05 2020

Beautiful work! <333 Really great to work with, there was a lot of communication through the commission, and they were happy to fix any little changes I wanted to see! I am so pleased with the commission I received, and I'm already making plans to buy again! Can't recommend enough!


June 01 2020

Was great working with him

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