headshot basic
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headshot basic

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  • +5$ for extra characters ( limit of 4 characters)

  • not nudes

  • not mecha

  • simple background

  • furrys and ponys are ok-

  • all question are valid!

  • i going doing the commissions by orden, so pls if i have a commssion before yours get patient <3

The artist will most likely respond to a request within 7.7 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 8 clients thus far.

client reviews


July 25 2020

This is my second time commissioning Angelic1411 and I'm just as impressed as the first!! Incredible artist and perfect communication throughout!


July 22 2020

The artist was a pleasure to work with and got the job done very quickly. Would definitely recommend to anyone considering them!


June 19 2020

Honestly such adorable piece of work! I commissioned a couples piece and Angelic was extremely catering to me asking for two people :) It was super cute and I love her disney-esque art style! Definitely will be back in future


June 13 2020

Excellent and responsive when it comes to commication and quick to produce wonderful results.


June 12 2020

Exceeded my expectations completely! Beautiful art done in a timely manner with great communication from the artist!


June 11 2020

Really pretty art for the price! I gave Angelic a lot of refs which I can imagine may have been a bit intimidating but honestly, they made the art exactly how I wanted and listened to the refs and information I gave them! Super quick service and beautiful results. I will definitely be back in future :)


September 22 2019

I loved it. ^-^


August 29 2019

Very quick, very happy :D

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    headshot painting
  • colored half-body
    colored half-body
  • Full headshot illustration
    Full headshot illustration

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