Simple Slot/Character Creation
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Simple Slot/Character Creation

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*Be sure to read my terms!

*Any solid, or non-detailed backgrounds are free! and not included in the +BG cost!!

Desc: Flat colours, Quick finish

Bust: $10
Half-Body: $14
Full-Body: $18

+Add character: $7
+Complexity: $5
+Background: $13

This slot is especially good for character creation, which is one of my passions. Feel free to inquire about working to create your character with me.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 71 clients thus far.

client reviews


January 17 2021

Thanks again for more great artwork! Very skilled artist that deserves positive recognition for their style and kindness!


January 09 2021

the delivery was realy quick, and the art I got was absolutely perfect!


December 26 2020

Absolutely amazing- Super fast, and the cursed image is beyond what I could have imagined, I adore it!


December 06 2020

Everytime I commission this artist I always end up with an amazing end product. I have commisisoned them countless times and it's always worth it.


November 07 2020

Very lovely to work with & I loved the final product!!! Showed me a sketch & kept me up to date, will definitely commission again in the future!


October 25 2020

Another batch of wonderfully done work. This artist is well worth your time and money!


October 17 2020

Zim is an amazing artist and EXTREMELY fast. This is easily the quickest I've gotten a commission back and I love every bit. Cannot recommend them enough!


October 10 2020

They're just wonderful! I completely recommend!!


October 04 2020

we love our king


August 19 2020

Zimandchowder4evr is an amazing artist with tremendous talent! Seriously, I have commissioned them time and time again and every piece turned out just as good as I always hope it will!

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