Comic character design
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Comic character design

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I can make a quick character design for a comic if you give me the specifications that I ask in my terms, the work process for this slot is very simple, as soon as I get the information I start designing the thumbnails of the character, once one is selecten that one would be inked and then colored.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

client reviews


January 16 2020

Lovely artist with fantastic style.


December 21 2019

Gbidalmys worked with me the entire time to complete my commission, and it turned out great. Would definitely commission this artist again.


November 28 2019

Probably one of the most forthcoming artists I've met so far. Would commission again :)


October 23 2019

Good quality art and frequent communication with the client.


March 21 2019

Very good work


February 25 2019

An absolute pleasure to work with! I was provided plenty of options, and my description was captured perfectly. There were some minor delays, but nothing too drastic. Most importantly, the artwork is stunning.


February 20 2019

Good delivery. Thank you. :)


December 30 2018

Artist was willing to make changes to color and add details when I requested them. An absolute pleasure to work with <3


December 06 2018

Positively fantastic work, no complaints on any end.


October 31 2018

Working was gbidalmys was and overwhelmingly positive experience. Not only was the final product amazing but working with her towards it was made enjoyable and seamless. I highly recommend her for any of your commission needs.

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