Anime Style Colored Headshot
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Anime Style Colored Headshot

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A colored headshot anime style commission.

I will draw your favorite character, OTP, your OC or maybe yourself! XD

I accept:

  1. Girl/Boy (Preferably girl)
  2. Kemonomimi (Cat ears / some horn is ok)
  3. Yuri/Shoujo Ai
  4. Trap Character
  5. NSFW ( erotic face.. ahegao? fella?)

I don't accept:

  1. Mechanical things like robot
  2. Furry (My animal anatomy is bad lol)
  3. Gore
  4. Realism

Note about commission:
-Resolution will be in 300dpi (Size 20x20cm)
-For commercial the price will be different

If there are some question feel free to ask! ^_^

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 1 client thus far.

client reviews


February 18 2020

Very friendly and nice to work with, did a great job


February 17 2020

Fast, what I wanted and listened well!


January 27 2020

Vanspringfield is a very kind artist. Their talent and skill with art is more than worth the price. They're great to work with, and definitely worth the commission.


January 17 2020

Loved it <3


January 15 2020

Great artist who always kept up with communication and was able to do a complex rush job for my girlfriend's birthday.


December 25 2019

Very good art quality, the delay was understandable as it was the holidays! Would definitely recommend this artist!


December 18 2019

When I commissioned this artist, they were working on two other commissions besides mine. I was also asking for a slightly larger image than what was being advertised. With those two factors being accounted for, they worked super fast, and the artwork still came out incredible! This artist is very much worth your time and money.


October 29 2019

Quick and super cute art style! Willing to work with request.


October 15 2019

The artist was very responsive and polite. The drawing looks fantastic and the artist was very open to customer requests. Very satisfied, would recommend.


August 16 2019

Incredible final product, easy to work with, and was happy to fix a few small color things. 10/10

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