colored half body
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colored half body

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base $15/character
png 300dpi

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 25 clients thus far.

client reviews


January 18 2020

The artist works very fast and provides plenty of WIPs, and the work was great! I would definitely recommend this artist.


January 18 2020

Everything I expected from a professional commission and, more importantly, everything I wanted. The end result was beautiful and caught the essence of the attitudes I described for the characters. The very fact that Bond4ng can manage two characters interacting so easily puts them above many around. It's worth noting that we ran into two complications during the commission: time zones and a flood of information by me, some of which got lost in the chaff. Despite this, Bond4ng handled things well, made quick corrections, and even when I asked for things I hadn't specified initially, was quick to adapt. The final result was genuinely heartwarming.


January 10 2020

They are very fast and kind to you, very good artist to work with


January 06 2020

Another fantastic work of art completed for me by the artist!


January 03 2020

great to work with


December 27 2019

They're super fast and their art looks fantastic!


December 24 2019

Quickly done, amazing work as always


December 23 2019

They did great, and were fast!


December 22 2019

Amazing work, amazing artist. Was very communicative and was able to make changes as needed for a great finished product! Would recommend!


December 21 2019

Amazing work! Such an amazing job!

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