colored sketch full body
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colored sketch full body

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The artist will most likely respond to a request within 1.5 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 18 clients thus far.

client reviews


January 24 2019

Love the art!


July 02 2018

One of the most polite and quick artists I've ever come across. Does spectacular work and takes you through every step of the process as they do so! Marvelous!


December 16 2017

An absolutely amazing artist! Even with the sketches to give me an idea what to expect, I was still saying "oooo" and "woah" out loud as I saw the updates to it! Even as someone who has commissioned many artists elsewhere, this piece came out the best. Would definitely recommend!


December 08 2017

Amazing work with lots of feedback and sketches. So talented.


October 13 2017

excellent work


June 23 2015

Wonderful artist! Friendly! and a joy to work with! Listens to detail and is very helpful in keeping you updated on progress! Will commission again!

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  • Colored headshot
    Colored headshot

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