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Last Active: 3 months ago

Hello here's the details for commissioning me

Base price is for a single character, additional character costs +100%
commercial use +10$
price may increase depends on the details

Accepts : OCs, anime, fanarts
Can't accept : furry & detailed designs

Note :
• 3x times max for revisions
• please provide clear references of the character
• tell me if you want it in any specific pose/facial expression
• do not claim the artwork as yours or modify it
• you can post/use it without crediting me but it would be nice if you do
• please let me know if you don't want the result to be shared/posted by me

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 5 clients thus far.

client reviews


April 02 2020

Very cute drawing and good communication <3


December 17 2019

love this artist so much, super fun to get something for myself or for gifts!!


October 09 2019

third time commissioning... i just really love their work i dont have any other explanation!


September 26 2019

second time commissioning!!! their art style is just ADORABLE i had to come back to get something for myself this time!!!


September 11 2019

The artist is SO sweet to work with and their art style is adorable! They're also super fast once they get started (there was a small delay for a few days as they had things to do irl which, it happens!) and were willing to make any sort of revisions I needed (which I didn't, everything was perfect). I commissioned them for a gift, but I'll have to come back to get something for myself next time!

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