Valentine's offer - 2 character portrait
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Valentine's offer - 2 character portrait

▸▹▸ Please Read◂◃◂

☆ Please send on messages any information I should know about your character to depict them properly, as references (written or images), short decription of their personality, design details I may don't see on other drawings, extra references to keep in mind (as pinterest boards, photos,etc).

☆ You can ask for a speedpaint video (free)


☆ I will send shots of the process in every step of it, and you can ask any amount of changes needed on the work in progress in order to suit the drawing to what you want, but only on the sketch phase, please make sure to check everything then. I will only add/change minimum details once I start the coloring and rendering of the piece.

★What you'll receive for this base price?★

☆ Head to shoulders couple drawing in .png format

☆ The drawing will have a simple background of your choice (clouds, pattern, plain color)

☆ Without effects version (drawing without any effects I may add after finishing rendering)

☆ Transparent bg version (character only .png version, in case you want to use it as pagedoll)

☆ Watermarked with your name in lower resolution version (in case you want to share it on your social media safely)

▾▾▾what I can draw?▾▾▾

Portrait ✓| Fanart ✓| Original characters ✓

avatar characters ✓|humans ✓| antrho ✓

furry ✓| robots ✓| Couples ✓

Romantic ✓|Sensual/Nude ✓

Monsters ✓| NSFW ✓| Gore ✓


★𝔼𝕩𝕥𝕣𝕒 ℙ𝕣𝕚𝕔𝕚𝕟𝕘★

Base price can be modified if you want any of this things:

+50% of the price for each extra character on the same canvas

+ 5usd for each alternative facial expression (you'll receive the original version and one extra version of each different facial expression you want)

from +15usd for any transformation alternative version (example: your character glows in the dark, then you'll receive the original version and the dark glow version.)

from +15usd for redesign your character (it means you want me to change the current clothing/hairstyle/colors/etc of an existing character of yours. You don't want an alternative version, just one only drawing but redesigned)

from +15usd for add an alternative clothing version (you'll receive the original version, and the alternative clothing version)

from +10usd for background (depends on the detail of the bg you want)


♥♥Thank you for your interest!♥♥

The artist will most likely respond to a request within 3.7 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 2 clients thus far.

client reviews


April 16 2019

It was a pleasure to work with and to see what ItaSlipy could do with my OC. Very polite and easy to communicate wishes and ideas with. I loved every bit of the proof and process that went into my piece. Whole heartedly recommend if you're looking for high quality art with someone who will take time and effort and then mend them to their craft at will then search no more.


April 16 2019

Delivered high quality art work for a very good price!


April 16 2019

Very awesome job! Totally worth the wait!


April 05 2019

very good


March 28 2019

Absolutely beautiful work from this talented, kind and friendly artist. It was really a pleasure to work with them and the finished art piece was perfect! I would highly recommend and would love to come back again!


March 27 2019

Absolutely amazing! Also an Incredible hard worker 10/10 would recommend to a friend


March 21 2019

super fast! like, ridiculously fast! they helped with conceptualizing my oc every step of the way, and even made sure that none of my ideas were too over the top or absurd! not to mention, their art is really good, and honestly not something you'd expect from the speed to which they'd finished. i'm definitely coming back soon!


March 19 2019

love it as always :3


March 10 2019

Artist provided a wonderful end piece and were very pleasant to work with. Would highly recommend.


March 10 2019

Wonderful to work with

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