Chibi Anime Style [20% OFF]
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Chibi Anime Style [20% OFF]

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  • headshot

    $15 in 1 day

  • full body

    $20 in 2 days


  • headshot

    $20 in 2 days

  • full body

    $30 in 3-4 days

Extra features:

  • additional objects (weapon, detailed pattern) + $5 - $15
  • full background start from + $10
  • extra fast delivery + $5 per 12 hour
  • psd file included + $25 per piece

Emoji(s), Sticker(s) set list

  • min. 10 pcs @$8, 2 items a day

    up to $80 and 5 days in total

  • min. 20 pcs @$6, 2 items a day

    up to $140 and 10 days in total

all items canvas are min. 300 x 300 pi for stickers/ emojis and 1200 pi for illustration

all days here counted after the sketch(es) has been approved and the payment is done

discount will be calculated after the sketch is done^^

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 11 clients thus far.

client reviews


May 11 2020

Was a delight to work with. Super kind and communicated often! They were rather quick with the commission as well. I highly recommend them.


May 04 2020

Wonderful artwork, and constant communication with a professional, positive and kind manner.


April 14 2020

Fantastic piece. Communication and turnaround was top-notch. Overall an amazing person to work with, definitely getting another piece from this artist!


March 26 2020

Once more, perfect communication and amazing work :)


March 15 2020

Amazing quality, perfectly captured what I wanted, and really reliable communication. Will be hiring again in the future.


December 09 2019

Love the result, love the positive attitude.


November 01 2019

Amazing artist once again! Was willing to keep me up to date every step of the way, and was quick to make any correction flawless. I'm very happy with this artist and have been hiring them consistently. I hire them consistently, you should hire them consistently. They're amazing work for an amazing price!


October 06 2019

Just leaving more comments on how amazing this artist is. Great pricing, great quality. They're incredibly fast, too!


September 26 2019

Nice and friendly person! Very quick and adorable result!


September 22 2019

Amazing work! The price is incredibly low compared to the quality provided. Definitely worth it, and definitely going to come back to them!

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  • Anime Style [20% OFF]
    Anime Style [20% OFF]

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