Headshot Painting
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Headshot Painting

Last Active: 5 days ago

$10 Base Price (Headshot)
Bust Up +$5 (=$15)
Half Body +$10 (=$20)
Full Body + $20 (=$30)

Add Character +75% of Normal Price
Ex: 2 Half Body means $35

Simple Background mostly Free...
Detailed Backgroud

Full payment after sketch approval. (Same Day after i accept the job. I am Sketch Real Fast)

If you have any deadlines please infrom me in advance. (2-3 Days estimated depends on revision too.)

Original characters / Fanart / Realistic Face / Animal / Sexual NSFW with proper reference, i can draw anything.

What you get : HD Colored Art A4 Size, 300 dpi. You can ask higher resolution at early stage for free.

Unlimited Revision before Coloring.
Max 2 revision after coloring proccess.

Approved by Me ---> I Send Sketch --> Approved by You ---> I am do Lineart ---> Show it to you ---> I am do Base Color ---> Show it to you ---> I am Shading/Rendering ---> Do Revision or Approved and Completed.

Feels free to ask me if you want to discuss first ^^

The artist will most likely respond to a request within 3.2 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 7 clients thus far.

client reviews


January 23 2020

An amazing job was given!


September 04 2019

The artist did there best to make sure i was happy with the work and was accepting to make sure proper changes were made for the commission. I think the only problem was that there was minor communication errors but if you are willing to be patient it is really worth the wait! Overall im happy with this artist


July 31 2019

Great artist. The art piece came out amazing and was very thorough of making sure its to the liking of the client.


May 21 2019

Very impressive work, artist was super friendly and awesome to work with. Communicates very well, would recommend to anyone interested in getting a commission with the artist!


May 12 2019

I really do recommend this artist, holy crap they did such an amazing job and it was a pleasure to work with them~<3


April 19 2019

Took a bit longer than expected, but totally worth the price!


January 29 2019

Did an amazing job on my OC commission and portrayed him perfectly! I highly recommend this artist!


January 17 2019

The art is good. It's not how I wanted the picture to be fully. But trying to communicate with the artist is next to impossible as he either doesn't know English that well or he just chooses to ignore my feedback. The art was also 2 days late.


January 15 2019

Very quick response, very quick work. I recommend this artist to anyone.


January 11 2019

Pleasure to Commission =)

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