Full body colored
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Full body colored

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i preferred if you message me first for negotiation and details also for viewing other finishing work.

1 to 2 weeks per client
Full body 40~ 60 USD ( price depend on the character's details/background.)

characters with below the hips consider as full body, (the knee or feet dint show because of camera angle or covered by object will consider as full body )
(i only accept as a background. a large area effects/elements, additional footing object or objects that does not belong to character are consider a background

I may ask add for price if the detailed of the piece became more complex than the current estimated difficulty. sample of this is some suggesting to change or add negotiated detailed of the piece or add something on the piece that is out of the estimated standards.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 14 clients thus far.

client reviews


April 11 2020

I highly recommend! Boosted is one of the nicest and most prompt artists I've ever worked with! I absolutely loved my art and felt informed every step of the way! Absolutely work with this artist if you get a chance. You're going to LOVE your commission! I know I adore mine! <3


April 01 2020

Great art, great communication, many options and was willing to work with me every step of the way!


March 27 2020

Second time working with this artist and I would do it again in a heartbeat!


March 23 2020

This is my third commission from Boosted and I can't tell you how awesome they are! Will walk you through the entire thing making things are perfect in your eyes and will revise until they're perfect! Would greatly recommend and will keep coming back!


March 21 2020

Very easy to work with, and patient regarding adjustments needing to be made. Fully hope to commission again when I have the funds to do so! ?


March 16 2020

Bonobo put a lot of work into making sure each detail was correct with my commission, I am very satisfied with the end result of their efforts and would recommend!


March 08 2020

Wonderful work and amazing to work with. Great communication and delivered an amazing product. Would defiently reccomend and will most likely be coming back for more!


February 06 2020

Super easy to work with and provided an amazing piece!


February 02 2020

Boosted kept me updated on the entire process sending update after update until it was done. Everything looked amazing and would for sure recommend in commissioning!


January 25 2020

A cool guy who works pretty fast. Really high quality artwork and overall a pleasure to work with!

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