Detailed full body
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Detailed full body

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i preferred if you message me first for negotiation and details also for viewing other finishing work.

1 to 2 weeks per client
Full body 40~ 60 USD ( price depend on the character's details/background.)

characters with below the hips consider as full body, (the knee or feet dint show because of camera angle or covered by object will consider as full body )
(i only accept as a background. a large area effects/elements, additional footing object or objects that does not belong to character are consider a background

I may ask add for price if the detailed of the piece became more complex than the current estimated difficulty. sample of this is some suggesting to change or add negotiated detailed of the piece or add something on the piece that is out of the estimated standards.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 14 clients thus far.

client reviews


November 16 2019

From start to finish, BoostedBonobo was highly attentive, responsive, and communicative - honestly this level of communication throughout was one of the best I've experienced and was really refreshing. I would absolutely recommend them. The outcome was a stellar piece of art of my OC that I just love. Great attention to detail and style!


October 07 2019

AMAZING work, very patient. I am in love with this artist! Easily one of the best on here!


September 22 2019

A wonderful experience! A very talented artist who delivered great results! Would highly recommend their work.


September 21 2019

Wonderful and patient, easily some of the highest skill for the most affordable price! I would recommend them more if it didn't mean they might be too busy for me to get a follow up! Jokes aside, for real, PAY THIS ARTIST. You will be very, very well taken care of!


August 10 2019

Delivered some fantastic work! Language barrier wasn't terribly an issue in the long run. Definitely recommend!


July 09 2019

artist does amazing work!! thank you! 5/5 would recommend :)


June 15 2019

Wonderful artist to work with! Very detail oriented and made sure I got what I wanted. :) definitely can not recommend enough!


April 10 2019

Cooperative, frequent updates, quite a friendly fellow. Will surely commission again.


March 13 2019

Really likes to take their time and work with their clients to ensure the best quality of the art pieces as well as to make sure the client is satisfied with the final product


March 04 2019

Very talented. Listens well to corrections. Very pleased with the work!

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