Sale -25% Off! Anthro  portrait /  bust / half body / full body
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Sale -25% Off! Anthro portrait / bust / half body / full body

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-25% OFF SALE!!!

Hello there!

What do I offer?

Digital illustration of any original anthropomorphic character in
a semi-realistic or realistic style - portrait, bust or half-body. :)

Portrait - $40
Bust - $45
Half Body - $50
Full Body - $65

- Existing animal species,
- Alien species
- Fantasy or Sci-fi races
- Cross-overs

...and more!

NOTE: If you are looking for human, elven or similar characters, those can be ordered HERE at the same price :)

Formats & Sizing

All work is delivered A2, 300 dpi and in both PNG & JPG formats.
Larger format pricing is available on request.

Optional Extras!

Additional Characters;
$20 per character

Complex Backgrounds;
$20 - $40 (dependent upon the level of complexity)

If you are looking for an artist who will...
- Communicate with you at every step of the process
- Listen to your ideas
- Incorporate them into the final piece
- Deliver on promises and deadlines ...You have come to the right place!


Some examples of my commissions:
(Final version delivered without watermark)

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 8 clients thus far.

client reviews


August 09 2020

Absolutely wonderful artist to work with. Very quick to respond, great communication and love getting updates all throughout the project. Final piece blew me away with how lovely it was. Thanks again!


July 23 2020

Absolutely amazing


July 16 2020

FIRST OF ALL, HER ART IS AMAZING! She's fast, amazing detail and responsive. She is super friendly and positive, and never says no to your insights. I highly recommend her!


July 16 2019

A wonderful artist to choose for a more realistic look to your anthro characters. A perfect balance of humanoid and animalistic traits for those looking for such. A very sweet and kind-hearted artist willing to work with you every step of the way. If I ever need art for the character I commissioned from her again, I'll certainly be returning to her!


February 26 2019

I am so happy with this masterpiece. Fantastic artist.


December 22 2018

Very friendly and communicative. I highly recommend them!


June 15 2018

Great artist! She is nice, has great talks and gives your opinion meaning! I'd defintely recommend her!


February 26 2017



July 08 2015

Very responsive and fast. Way exceeded my expectations! Thank you so much!

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