Colored Furry Headshot
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Colored Furry Headshot

I can do a "Chibi"-like style (Costs more) or my normal style. Only heads or a bust-up (Costs more). Can have a multi-color background-costs more. Simple coloring/design is $7.50. highest price for designs/coloring is $12.35.

Please read everything

I will create a Headshot drawing, i can do Angel Dragons, canines, felines, bunnies, maybe beaked animals, and a few more. if you have an animal that is not very known or hard to draw, i will try my best. i can do my normal style or a Chibi-like style, but it would cost more.


For the base $7.50 I will do a headshot-only in my style with a simple, one-color background.

If your 'sona has a really complex design or coloring then the base price would be ~$10.60, it could go higher or lower depending on the complexity.

If you want the Chibi style add +$0.80, to your final price.

If you want a multi-color background it will cost +$1.00 for every added color.

For a rushed order Add $5.00 onto your final price. it will be done in 2 days less. so if it took me 5 days on a normal drawing, on a rushed drawing it would be done in 3 days (With lesser Quality, though.)

What i need from you:

What you want *(Chibi/normal, multi-colored background, etc.)

Rushed job? (Yes/No)

A ref. Sheet (Even if it is a different species, just tell me the actual species)
If you can't get a ref, then fill in this with your character's info:

Species: (Wolf, cat, dog, dragon etc. if it is a domestic dog or cat, put the breed)
Base Fur Color:
Marking(s): (Please list all that are on the head)
Marking Color(s): (Please list which markings have which color)
Ear Insides:
Nose color:

Any Items? (Like a collar, bows, bandana, scarf, etc)

Any minor details. (Examples: One eye closed, a frown, one ear down, stars in the eyes, things like that)

Background color(s).

And, finally, if your drawing takes longer than expected to create, I have NOT forgotten, I am a high school student. I have schoolwork.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

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  • Colored Animal Ref. Sheet
    Colored Animal Ref. Sheet

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