Character Concept Art
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Character Concept Art

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Hey there~

For this price I will create character concept art for you or your project. The order includes 2 - 4 correction sessions where we can change everything needed.

What do I need? Please write me the most detailed description of what you need or/and send me some reference art/photo if you need your character to be based on something/someone.

I guarantee that the character will be unique!

You may also need some additional things:

• additional character view - plus 20 each fullbody

• weapon concept - plus 20$

Estimated turnaround: 1 - 3 weeks depending on the order.
(only business days)

Feel free to contact me~

You’re welcome!

(sample belongs to strawberryAle)

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 17 clients thus far.

client reviews


January 13 2021

Very polite and professional


December 25 2020

Good work done fast! She showed me a preview and then with the go ahead she had it fully finished in no time!


December 19 2020

Excellent work, very quick, and very good at communicating! Highly recommended!


December 19 2020

Great communication and very flexible with adjustments. I felt sometimes I was being a little too picky, but they gladly altered things without a single complaint. Also very quick for the amount of work; would commission again. Thanks a lot!


December 19 2020

Wonderful work! Completed faster than expected and edited as necessary!


December 11 2020

Always a pleasure working with her. She designs amazing concepts/characters.


October 29 2020

Alice was wonderful to work with! Amazing shading and very understanding of alterations!


October 28 2020

Such a wonderful and friendly artist to work with! Katzeko is a very warm and communicative person, I adored working with her! I will absolutely come back to her for more commissions! She is very fast and her prices are super affordable! 100% recommended!


October 14 2020

Artist works fast and is friendly. Definitely recommended!


October 08 2020

Amazing work!

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