Full Body
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Full Body

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Additional :

  • +$25 for additional character
  • other detail clothes, armor, or weapon and stuff may increase the price but it depends on detail. (around $5-$15)
  • nsfw/sfw.
  • i can do male as well.
  • no background

What i do :

  • Fanart
  • OC
  • Game Character
  • Stylized from photo
  • Futa, etc.

    What i don't :

  • Hardcore Furry (softcore is okay)

  • Mecha
  • Over Detailed Pattern
  • Complicated background

Check my pixiv/deviantart for more sample :


The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 300 clients thus far.

client reviews


October 22 2020

The sketch took a little while to be made, however as soon as it was ready, changes were made quickly to fit my requests and the colouring took only a few days on top of that. And even when I asked for changes on facial expression or other details after the following was done, they were quick to proceed with the changes to suit my needs. They gave life to an OC for which I didn't have actual picture of, only images of characters or details that had inspired me and the results were better than what i could even expect. I can not recommend them enough!


October 22 2020

Excellent work and was very receptive and patient with my requests!


October 21 2020

Cromwellb is a wonderful and patient artist. However, he is more suitable for projects with simpler details. I commissioned him after seeing his other works and showed him what I had in mind which includes a girl and a male-figured monster. Everything was agreed upon prior to the project. Unfortunately, the output is not equal to those in his private gallery. Compared to his personal works, the lineart and colors look flat. I had to ask for several revisions because the lineart was uneven and wobbly. Some elements were not proportioned and there are issues with cleanup (e.g. The lineart of the arm was not erased, and is visibly passing through my character's armlet). Despite this, the price is good and he was patient with my requests. The output is not equal to his best works and could still use more polish. Overall, the art is not bad and is still cute, just not as great as I was expecting based on his gallery.


October 20 2020

So easy to work with and incredibly high quality work! Would commission again in an instant.


October 20 2020

Quick, and efficient. What's more, his art is nothing to scoff at. Amazing artist who deserves alot more credit than he's given, imo. I would wholeheartedly reccommend him to anyone else.


October 20 2020

Incredible work! Pleasure to work with, and would definitely recommend to others!


October 16 2020

Loved his work


October 12 2020

Very good job, will be coming around to commission again at a later point.


October 11 2020

Great artist, very easy to work with and very satisfied with the results


October 11 2020


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