Chibi Fullbody Commission
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Chibi Fullbody Commission

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Chibi fullbody commission

I do original characters, fanarts, in game characters too ^^ Price is for one character per canvas.
~approx size 1800px 300dpi. no background or random simple bg

  • detailed chara design +$10
  • extra objects (your chara holding smth specific) +$10
  • add one more character +$25
  • detailed background +$10

Please prepare your references and do brief me about your characters more (i.e : personality, age, poses, expression, anything so i wouldn't make them ooc)
!-Personal use only, Non commercial-!

More samples, check here :[0]=AZX6E2u-s7W4t3yEvrF9eAZfqNjWu-tPa3xCX4-0CFxFpVIOmwzJbUkynROBiwcwk3CrLvQchxZJPbZ8uNnyz_TifBgigU3kewX1wsQkaM4e-J6HfpmH5ViOO7CbDDv9208

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 2 clients thus far.

client reviews


September 20 2020

The entire experience was great!


July 12 2020

Wonderful! Polite and talented, came out just how I wanted it!


July 03 2020

Absolutely stunning work! Artist is extremely kind and helpful as well as quick while being one of the most attentive people to details that I have ever met. The precision and details even in chibis is unheard of and left me speechless. I highly recommend and I will definitely be coming back for more!


June 25 2020

Third time I have commissioned this artist and I just love the result everytime. Communication is so good and fast, the art looks great, every little detail is included.. It's just everything I want. Thank you so much again


April 21 2020

Returned to this artist because I just really love their style ? Communication is very quick and details are beautiful. I'm happy with both commissions and I think I'll come back for more later too ?


March 25 2020

I absolutely love how my character turned out ??? It's beautifully colored and drawn, I'm very happy with the final result ? Sending some of my friends your way :)


February 14 2019

It is my first time using this site and Ryuumizuno is very attentive, helpful, responding to my resquest!! I recommanded without hesistation this artist and will certainly commission again!!


December 01 2018

This artist is so, so good. So good! A wonderful background that was improvised but added so well and intuitively to the pose and the energy of the character themselves and a fine eye for the details of what the Character's features are without mistake or asking. Just!!! Perfect! So quick too!!


November 22 2018

SUPER DUPER CUTE RESULT!! Friendly and lovely person to boot, definitely recommended and will definitely commission again!


November 22 2018

Fast easy to communicate and beautiful art style

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