Semi Realistic, Full Body, with BG
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Semi Realistic, Full Body, with BG

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+$20 for extra character

Character design, a sketch is made with the instructions given to me by the client. Once he is satisfied, I will proceed to color the sketch.
Design modifications are only allowed before coloring, with a maximum of 3 changes once it is agreed with the client.
I only start working when the slot changes to "paid"

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 2 clients thus far.

client reviews


July 04 2020

Drawing is an amazing artist, did a great job working on the manga I commissioned! Can't beat his rates, highly recommend!


June 22 2020

First time commissioning DrawingSpirit and I'm happy I did! Everything came out just as I wanted, and with a pretty quick turnaround, too! Overall, I definitely recommend!


June 07 2020

The cover was amazing! He did a great job tweaking some minor changes I requested, very timely responses and good with keeping to a promised schedule!


June 04 2020

Drawingspirit has done an AMAZING JOB! Responds well to suggestions and feedback! Highly recommend!


December 28 2019

Amazing artist, very patient and did a very good job!


July 17 2019

Quick to responses, very flexible, very fast turn around time.


July 02 2019

Wonderful to work with, fast, and very talented!


May 23 2019

Amazing artist. Was very understanding through the whole drawing process, and made sure I was happy with everything. I highly recommend them.


March 20 2019

Always a favorite.<3


February 28 2019

If you are reading the comments wondering if you should commission this wonderful artist or not- you absolutely should.

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