Full-Page Comic (B&W or Color!)
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Full-Page Comic (B&W or Color!)

This is a full-page comic commission! You can either order it as black and white (comes with inks), or you can get full color (which is $15 extra). Lettering is included if you are so inclined (No, I do not discount if you don't want to use me for lettering).

Comic pages will need 3 days' turnaround. If you're buying multiple, please let me know and we'll set a deadline for your project and a dedicated time period for its production length. If you're crowdfunding for your comic, I always recommend buying a cover commission (which this slot can be as well!) plus at least one interior page of some interesting dialogue.

Comic pages can be nsfw material. But if you're going for something full-on adult with fluids... we'll need to talk about that beforehand.

Thank you for working with me!

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

client reviews


April 14 2019

They're amazing. Came out exactly the way I wanted.


April 04 2019

Even with how quick her work was, she got a bunch of very small details correct! Awesome!


November 10 2018

Fantastic art, prompt replies, and a great attitude. I will definitely purchase more in the future.


September 17 2018

She's really dedicated and professional!


July 14 2018

Kelly does fantastic work and is a delight to work with.


June 14 2018

5/5. Very helpful and good at what she does.


May 31 2018

Prompt, solid work! Thumbs up.


May 23 2018

Great communication, great work, well worth the money

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