Colored Portrait
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Colored Portrait

Last Active: 4 months ago

Commissions Schedule:

~ Prices:

  • 40$ base price (1 character without background and no add-ons)

    • +Extra characters : double/ triple the base price etc...
    • +Complex Background: +10$
    • +Complex add-ons: +10$

    +Copyright (meaning I wont post it anywhere, it's only yours): 50$

    +CSP file (meaning: you get the Clip studio paint file I work on): 100$

~ I draw :

  • Original Characters
  • Fan Arts
  • Nsfw/hentai
  • Yuri/yaoi
  • Furry

~ I don't draw :

  • Gore (and extrems fetishs)
  • Loli/shota
  • Animal abuse
  • Violence

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 1 client thus far.

client reviews


November 03 2019

Great and fast, they got Everything we wanted for our commission! Would hire again.


September 15 2019

Easy to work with anf fast


July 09 2019

very fast and good communication. The final result is also very well done.


May 15 2019

LostHuapo was very quick to respond, as well as make adjustments as needed within minutes. Friendly person, I highly recommend and will commission again! :D


April 17 2019

Fantastic work!


April 14 2019

Great artist and patient!


April 07 2019



April 01 2019

Language barrier at times but otherwise excellent! Good listener to needs and amazing art!


September 10 2018

Fast and looks great!


September 09 2018

The artist did a great job and was very understanding with changes.

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