Experimental Painted Portrait
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Experimental Painted Portrait

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Unique/custom painterly half body/bust on a simple background. Experimental in terms of the texturing, technique, and composition. For pets, animals, and original (animal) characters.

Size: 1600x2200px - 300dpi


The Client:

  • Must provide a clear description of what they desire for the artwork (within reasonable bounds of the option they choose).
  • Must provide up to date and relevant visual references that apply to their commission order. Any minor changes for character designs, pet appearances, etc. must be specified in your order!
  • Is free to provide artistic licence alongside the minimum required information.
  • May commission an artwork for a friend as a gift, etc.
  • Must be clear if there is a deadline; I will try my best to work within that time limit, so long as it is given with 2 weeks of an advanced notice. I will let you know if I cannot work with the given conditions.

I CANNOT DRAW: Fan characters, Mecha/Robots, Anthros/Furries, Humans or Humanoids

I CAN DRAW, BUT AM NOT LIMITED TO: Fantasy, Animals and pets, Original species, Original characters


  • All commissions must be paid in full upfront, before work on the piece is started.
  • If the client acts in any way that is offensive, hateful, destructive or obtrusive, or fails to keep up with communication within reasonable time of the process, I will give fair warning before cancelling the commission order.


  • Work will begin once the commission has been requested and payment approved.
  • With the exception of sketch-type or speedpaint options, a sketch will be sent out for approval before payment needs to be received.
  • If there are any alterations that you must request, make sure to do so as soon as possible. I will do my best to fix any problems promptly. If I encounter any problems, have suggestions for changes, or am not happy with how the piece is looking, I'll let you know.

- The finished artwork will be delivered digitally to the client via email or here, on ArtistsnClients.

  • The client will receive a watermark-free, higher resolution version, along with a lower resolution version of the finished artwork. The artwork will always include the the artist's signature.
  • The finished artwork will be posted to my public gallery.
  • Ensure that you have saved the artwork once it has been sent to you.
  • Small, minor edits may be made, within reason, after completion (colour edits, design mistakes, etc.). I will, however, do my best to work through these problems before finishing the artwork for you! Again, make sure to let me know of any alterations earlier in the process.
  • Understand that, based on the queue, complexity of the commission, and personal life and health matters, that your order may take up to one month (in the worst predicted cases; this has not yet happened) to fulfill. In most cases, however, I do my best to finish the commission in a few days; the usual turnaround is within 2 weeks.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

client reviews


September 15 2018

Fast, polite and kind artist with adorable artwork! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!


September 03 2018

Fast response , great job on what I wanted complete :)

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