RPG Base Colored Full Body

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  • 5 Days estimated turnaround
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RPG Base Colored Full Body
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KathyJ describes this slot:

Do you play tabletop? D&D? Pathfinder? Stars Without Number? Probably something, right? If you have a character(s) you want drawn/designed, then I can help you out with that! This slot is for full body, base colored character designs.

Please provide me a good description of your character! (The more the better.) Your characters' appearance, what they are wearing, and what they are carrying (if applicable,) are all things I will want to know before I start working on your character(s). I could also stand to get to know your character a little; how they act, their temperament, what expressions they often wear, etc. I would love it even more if you could send me picture references of what you're looking for or even music that you think fits the character(s) well!

I offer these with simple colored or transparent backgrounds.

Unfortunately I am inexperienced with anthro characters, so please be aware of that when we discuss the work that you want.

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  • RPG Full Colored Full Body
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