Colored Full body Illustration!
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Colored Full body Illustration!

Anime/Manga-style illustration influenced by Studio Ghibli and art from titles like Ni no Kuni and The Promised Neverland - characterized by the use of traditional ink pen strokes for the line art, and digital painting that emulates watercolor/acrylic - similar to the artworks of said franchises!


  • A high quality fully-painted anime illustration with 1-2 characters and detailed background. Landscape or portrait.
  • JPG, PNG and PSD files
  • Different JPG files optimized for various Smartphone and Tablet screen resolutions.
  • Client's Package
The Client's Package is a "bonus crate" of additional content that's entirely based on what the client wants. So yeah, you get more than just the illustration you have initially commissioned!

Things that I'm OK with drawing:

  • Original Characters (OC)
  • Fan Art
  • Couples / Yuri / Yaoi
  • Animals / Monsters / Mythical Creatures / Companion Beasts (extra charges apply)
  • Mecha/Vehicles (extra charges apply)
  • Furry / Anthro / Kemonomimi (word of warning = I draw furries in a way that completely breaks away from the stereotypical artstyle associated with it - something that is tasteful towards my style. It might NOT be to your liking!)

Things that I'm NOT OK with:

  • R-18 / Mature Content / Nude / Sexual / Gore
  • Offensive themes / sensitive subjects
  • Realistic Drawing (I can draw realism but I'm not yet good enough at it to warrant a commission in that style)


These do not apply if the said objects appear really small and really far away in the artwork. For example, if you want a character or an animal somewhere in the background, but it appears really small as to indicate that it's far away, then you don't have to pay extra for teeny tinies!
  • +$30 for an extra character (applies if the artwork already has 2 characters)
  • +$5 for every animal or creature drawing
  • +$20 for every mecha or vehicle

Default size of your illustration is A3 at 300 DPI.
Depending on the composition and orientation of the artwork, especially for landscape orientation, I might add a few centimeters in either width or length in order to achieve the desired presentation.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

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