Soft Shade Icon Full Color
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Soft Shade Icon Full Color

Last Active: 4 months ago

Canvas size: 500x500 px, 100 dpi,
Saved as .PNG
For personal use only.

Free background choices available:
- Transparent
- Solid color
- Polka dots
- Stripes
Additional 2$ fee for custom, non-simple background

Details might be simplified.
Completion time is 2-3 hours per icon - not including the time spent on waiting for replies, revision, etc.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 10 clients thus far.

client reviews


September 29 2020

Great, fast


August 11 2020

Really fast and well done art!


May 19 2020

Tsar was a great person to commission! They were quick to finish, and delivered with quality!


May 19 2020

First time commission her, I am not disappointed ! She really do a amazing job *^* She so kind, understandable and willing to make adjustments TwT, her arts is also soo cute ><. Highly recommended ! <3


May 07 2020

For one, the art style that they have is super adorable. Two, they got what I asked for done super fast-- plus, they were super nice. I'm sure that I'll be back sometime soon for another icon. ^^ I'd definitely recommend them.


April 30 2020

Adorable art style and super fast! ?


April 12 2020

Fast and just as promised. :)


December 05 2019

She's awesome as always! Thank you <3


November 04 2019

Super adorable! Thanks! <3


October 28 2019

Understanding, quick, and skills to boot. :) Thank you for your great work Tsar!

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