Half Body

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  • $ 15.00 base price
  • 2 weeks estimated turnaround
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Half Body
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cabbagesannn describes this slot:

!!I've entered college recently, most likely I'll reply late, and will finish your work late too, I'm very sorry in advance!!

Half body commission with full colour and lineart.
I'll finish within 3 days if I'm not busy

Please pay after I show you the sketch, if not I won't start on the commission =D

extra character cost +(USD7)
simple BG such as candies/flower +(USD5)

I also accept fullbody but need to add (+5USD) ^^


movershaker writes:

Very good job done! Did exactly what I wanted and did it great.

TurboDuelistJay writes:

As always, cute and stunning artwork! 100/10, commission again!

Elias writes:

Really good art :)

TurboDuelistJay writes:

Beautiful as always. 10/10, every time is absolutely perfect!!

TurboDuelistJay writes:

Beautiful as always. 10/10, every time is perfect!!

Zashi writes:

This artist makes some really cute art! Recommended.

TurboDuelistJay writes:

Beautiful as always. 10/10 already sent another commission.

Kertan writes:

Excellent product, communicated clearly the whole way :D

Hoaryu writes:

They delivered art that was better than expected so you can't go wrong here.

TurboDuelistJay writes:

Super awesome every time. I can't stop commissioning this wonderful artist. Always beyond perfect.

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