Couple/Friends Sketch
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Couple/Friends Sketch

I will draw a couple or pair of friends/siblings/etc. in a requested pose such as holding hands, back to back, etc. They can be real people, characters from a series, or OCs! Accepting of all lifestyles lol!^^
I will do larger groups for a raised price (see below for pricing details)

It will be drawn in FireAlpaca and given to you as PNG file around 800 x 800px in size. The size can be smaller upon request.

The style will be as shown in the reference image. By default, I will color in the skin, eyes and basically anything that I think adds to the overall picture (for example, in the reference image, the flowers would look lovely colored in).

I can write something on the image, such as lyrics, speech bubbles, a quote, etc.

By default, the background can be any solid color or transparent. I can do a more detailed background for a raised price (see below).

Refined Lineart: $3
Full Color: $5
Detailed background: $3 (negotiable depending on the level of detail)
Additional person: $5 per person, $7 per person if full color

So the flat price of $15 includes: A full body or waist up sketch of 2 people with some color details, writing, and a solid color or transparent background.


What I will need from you! :~)

For OCs:

-Reference image of OCs, if available

-If ref image if not available I will need a description of the characters' Body (skin color, build, height), Eyes (color, shape), Hair (color, style, length), and Clothing (outfit, accessories)

-Any specific expression or pose you want the characters in (reference image optional but helpful)

-Description of Personalities (optional, but it helps me get an idea of the characters)


For stylized likeness of person or a character from a series:

-Reference image of person/character

-Any specific expression or pose you want the people in

-Description of Personality (optional)


The artist will most likely respond to a request within 1.9 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

client reviews


April 28 2018

An awesome person as well as artist. I wouldn't change my experience with them for anything.


April 05 2018

yay it was amazing <3 will come back for moree !! <3

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  • Full-Color Original Character (Waist-Up)
    Full-Color Original Character (Waist-Up)

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