black and white / grayscale
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black and white / grayscale

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I will draw everything that you bring as references. like a photo.
even random picture, random photo. You can request for combination.
background, outfit, accessories, face, pose, etc.

or if you want me to make a fan arts. I WILL ACCEPT ALL.
please feel free to ask.


so give me a chance. cause my price is half than normal

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

client reviews


June 27 2020

Very good work, nice and communicative!


March 30 2020

Great art! Love it!


December 07 2019

Superb! Artist is always ready for suggestions, and can respond to when my version is different. I have been wary in the past, but I am glad that this artist has given me confidence to regain trust.


October 24 2019



October 20 2019

absolutely phenomenal!! their watercolour art is just so AMAZING!! they made my oc so adorable and lovely!!! they had no issues adjusting a thing or two for me in the final piece without complaints! i highly recommend commissioning this artist, especially for their watercolour!! so beautiful!! thank you rastika!


July 31 2019

Yet another wonderful job from a fantastic artist! There must be some reason that I keep coming back for more. Maybe I'll actually get inspired to doing my writing.


July 14 2019

Absolutely wonderful! A pleasure to work with. The artist pays close attention to detail, and will accommodate even the slightest change that I request.


June 04 2019

Excellent, as always. Very responsive, and always willing to accommodate even the slightest changes.


May 20 2019

Was very responsive, polite, and did an outstanding job with the references provided in a really quick and efficient timetable


May 17 2019

Well done

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