Sketchy portrait
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Sketchy portrait

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These informations are for personal commission!

Single character, simple coloring, visible sketch lines, easy background.

I'm providing this sheet, so if you want to commission me, fill the most important informations, please:
- Character’s name and age
- Species: human, demon, etc.
- Character’s personality (3-4 words)
- Character’s appearance (describe it as much as you can, eye color, hair color, tattoo...)
- Reference pictures (it would be really helpful)
- Pose and emotion of the character if you want to describe it
- The world or environment the character lives (because it's much easy to imagine the final picture. 1-2 sentences.)
- Detail the background if need
- Any important note
- Your e-mail address

The more artistic liberty you give me, the better artwork will be. :)

Please check the terms and my gallery as well for more examples:

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 9 clients thus far.

client reviews


May 09 2020

Very fast, pleasant to work with, beautiful artwork!


September 12 2019

I love, love, LOVE the sketchy portrait Aoleev did for me. Really, I'm past words. I don't even know how to express myself other than thank you so much, Aoleev. She delivered exactly what I wanted, with her own touches and styles added in, and I love what she came up with. ^^ Definitely will order again.


July 03 2019

Absolutely amazing.


June 14 2018

A dedicated professional and absolutely amazing artist. Definitely get one if you can!


May 31 2018

A wonderfully helpful and kind artist. They responded to questions quickly and created a truly spectacular piece of art!


May 28 2018

done very fast with everything how i wanted!


March 18 2018

fast and amazing result, very easy to work with!


March 14 2018

Very nice work!

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