Half-Body - Shaded Lineart

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  • $ 15.00 base price
  • 5-7 days estimated turnaround
  • Sold out
Half-Body - Shaded Lineart
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 126 clients thus far.

nikicalma describes this slot:

This slot is for shaded lineart of half-body or waist-up pieces that are done digitally on PS. I accept characters from both fantasy and contemporary settings.


  1. Added character: + $5.00-$10.00 per character depending on size
  2. Ornate jewelry, detailed armor or outfit: + $5.00
  3. Weapons: + $5.00 depending on level of detail and difficulty

Upon requesting, please tell me right away your specifications or requirements for the following:

  1. General appearance (hair, facial features, clothes--provide references whenever possible)
  2. Facial expression and pose
  3. Race, age/age range
  4. Other special features

Please let me know if you're fine with me adding some small details as well. Kindly check my terms for other details! I look forward to drawing for you!


telamande writes:

Incredible, fast work!

Owlet writes:

First of all, WOW. This artist is so kind and lovely to work with! The art piece is stunning and I'm so thoroughly happy with it, I will definitely try and comission again! I also reccomend 10/10! <3 Thank you Niki!

Tangiers writes:

Niki is absolutely amazing! Her work is always, always good, and she is incredibly kind. If you are looking for sketch artwork, Niki is THE standard.

Zevrad writes:

It was a pleasure in commissioning this artist again. SSS work.

Zevrad writes:

The artist is extraordinary. She was able to complete my vision and more. I would, 100%, guarantee that your idea will be realized.

wonderbread51 writes:

Once again, I’m impressed with another piece from this artist. They’re wonderful to work with and I reccomend them to anyone looking for a lovely piece like I got.

Timzalot writes:

Excellent work, very professional artist.

Tangiers writes:

Amazing as always, there is no-one who can beat Niki in character sketches!

Solmatic writes:

super fast & phenomenal work!! i wholeheartedly recommend this artist to portray your characters— her work is so amazing and her style is so lovely!

Calrog writes:

As always, wonderful response time. Great with sharing step by step and working with requests no matter how vague.

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