Character Design Full color Full body

This is a commission slot. You can hire Phi-MD to create a personalized artwork of this sort here.

  • $ 40.00 base price
  • 1 month Days estimated turnaround
  • Currently Unavailable
Character Design Full color Full body
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 37 clients thus far.

Phi-MD describes this slot:


Due to current incident on my end, i couldn't draw for too long and often. Now i must to go through therapy for my hand to heal and work again. I do hope your understanding.
Thank you so much again and lets meet again next year :)

In meantime, you can check on my other website if you want to get update from me :)

Hello guys! i am Phiphi.

i can draw and design a your character concept for you in full body and full color for anything you want in semi realism style-painting style.

More example of my artwork can be find here:

with base price $40, you can have 1 character design with:
- full body
- full color
- simple brush stroke/ color background
- 1x revision

However, there would be extra charge for a complex detailed character. The price will depend on the complexity.

I can draw almost everything for you. Just ask me beforehand if you still uncertain about your request.

To place your order, please message me for your order with this format:

  • short brief info about your character

  • detail information about your character's physical traits and their costume. please provide me any picture references since it will greatly help me picturing your character correctly.

  • any certain pose you'd like. please included pose references.

  • theme of your character (e.g: modern or fantasy)

  • color scheme of their costume

  • any game/ movie/ anime/ comic for your character referral

note: if you not include any text or pictures references, i assume you will given me permission to use my own interpretation and imagination based on your information.

Please read my Term of Service before send me order. I assume you have read, understand, and accept my term of service once you sent me order.

thank you very much and i am looking forward to work together with you all.


Hammerpriest writes:


varrok writes:

The artist did a fantastic job! There was a bit of a wait, but it was absolutely worth it, and the artist was a pleasure to work with. I’ll definitely be back in the future!

peterpopp writes:

good work

Excision writes:

They did a great job.

Valor_Vaess writes:

Phi-MD is an amazing fellow :D Their artwork is absolutely stunning, definitely worth commissioning! Easy to work with and makes all your ideas of your character possible! :Thumbsup:

Dakm writes:

Excellent work for a good price.

Ragnys writes:

Fantastic!! I had to wait a while, but it was absolutely worth it! The result is perfect :D

Neleak writes:

Very kind, very talented artist. I love my finished work and can’t wait to get another piece! Would highly recommend.

Durkmenistan writes:

Although it took quite a while for Phi to have time to work on my commission, the work I received was gorgeous and completely what I asked for. Thank you, Phi, and I'm looking forward to working with you again soon!

nekollx writes:

the waiting list is a bit dishartening but when your time comes you will love the results.

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