Full-body Character Design
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Full-body Character Design

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Write me if you'd like to see your character brought to life.

You will receive a full-body and full colored design of your character and I will do my best to make it alive, to show his/her/its attitude and intentions.

It will be my pleasure to show you the work phases, from the sketch to the color test.

Thank you, feel free to contact me for furhter informations!

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 8 clients thus far.

client reviews


September 11 2020

Amazing service, the artist is a pleasure to work with! Can't wait to commission them again :D


August 22 2020

Absolutely wonderful to work with and kind <3 I LOVE IT!


August 12 2020

Took a bit longer than I would have liked, but well worth the wait.


August 05 2020

Artist was easyto work with and I love my commission


August 03 2020

Definitely would recommend to anyone. Very good with creating character sheets and or any character illustrations in general. Good timing, good design, good detail.


July 25 2020

Wallflower is a wonderful artist and a lovely person. Truly was a pleasure working with her. Was able to work off of just some visual references and a small description to make a wonderful character that surpassed my expectations. I will be for sure commissioning her again.


July 09 2020

Fantastic to work with.


July 05 2020

Wonderful wonderful commission from wallflower :3 actually want my friend and I wanted for the characters and how they looked! Wallflower was kind, understanding and very communicative .. Artstyle is aammaaazing!! EEE!! <3 10/10


November 12 2019

Wallflower was great. Wonderful attention to detail and gives you exactly what you asked for. 10/10 would commission again.


October 11 2018

Very delightful and open artist, helped me through every step of the process.

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