sketches full body
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sketches full body

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here is my drawing style, contact me if you interest

The artist will most likely respond to a request within 2.0 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 457 clients thus far.

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May 20 2020

This is my 4th commission with Kagu and i appreciate every art! Highly recommended if you are looking for a good quality!


May 12 2020



May 05 2020

Wonderful artist


April 28 2020

Exceptional work!!


April 24 2020

Kagurachi7 is amazing! They're art is second to none and so very detailed for the asking price. When I had a revision they took care of it instantly and without question! Will be coming back again!


April 24 2020

Wonderful to work with, and creates wonderful work!!


April 22 2020

Quick and helpful!


April 21 2020

Did a outstanding job. Was very quick on fixing certain things or adding small details in.


April 19 2020

I've now gotten eight commissions in with different A&C, and out of those eight? I'm going to have to say Kagurachi7's Sketches Full Body is only "dud" that I have encountered. Do not get me wrong ladies & gentlemen, Kagurachi7 can draw and will draw. Some of her art pieces do speak for itself, but I have two glaring issues here. The first issue is that like other reviews have stated, is there is barely any feedback or communication, so hopefully the references you do provide can get what you want, otherwise it will not be the best quality. Many of the artists that I have spoken with for the past weeks extending out to early March? A lot of them I have multiple pages of discussions with and even lengthy talks on Discord. At most, the talks between Kagurachi7 and I maybe less than 100 words with some references provided of the original character. (This means I already have artwork of my OC) The second issue is that the sketches are scanned and cut out on Photoshop, which leaves room for error if you want any fixes being made. The fix I got, you could tell that she filled with certain blurs and filters. Again, I understand that this is a sketch and not a full blown piece, however out of the eight commissions. I've received full colored illustrations that are the same price-point and have a much higher quality. The sketch cleanup, fixes, and overall piece do not match the price and quality. Overall? I will leave it at 3/5 stars, she did her job. That was to make a sketch, and the word "sketch" can be very vague in meaning to a lot of people. She did it in a decent time-frame as I understand she's one of A&C's heavily advertised artists, but ultimately when reviewing the artwork I have received and comparing the results out to her collection on Facebook and other media sites? It's ultimately a mixed bag, whereas she can draw female characters better than male characters, but it will be a hit and miss. Ladies, if you want a quick sketch of your girl? Go to Kagurachi7, but make sure you got your references and details in order. However, if you're on a budget? I'll let you think about that for a moment. The tl;dr of all of this? I'm not giving Kagurachi7 5/5 on the sketch due to the lack of communication, and the clean up work on the sketch.


April 11 2020

That was wonderful!

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