Chibi Fullbody
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Chibi Fullbody

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For commercial use please contact me first for the detail

I do :
- Original Character
- Fanart
- Girl / Boy
- Light Anthro (animal ears, tail, etc)

I don't do :
- gore, violence (a little bit blood is ok)
- nsfw
- mechas
- furry

Note :
- I only provide revision twice and only for minor things (ex: color, pattern, size of accessories or weapon, etc). To prevent this, please make sure you tell me anything I need to know about your order especially when I'm still on sketching phase.
- Feel free to contact me to see the progress :D

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 5 clients thus far.

client reviews


October 24 2019

Amazing work from an equally amazing artist! I searched far and wide for an artist with the perfect chibi art style and finally found Miu. Miu was an absolute joy to work with, and was friendly and professional throughout, always giving updates and WIPs. Thank you for bringing to life the chibi of my dreams! <3


August 18 2019

Very pleasant artist who can draw adorable chibis! Highly recommended. 10/10


November 20 2018

Beautiful artstyle and amazing work~


January 27 2018

Omg freaking adorable! I literally had the gushiest reaction and my husband (who was present at the time) said: "Man I wish I had a recorder." You are an incredible artist! Thank you so much!

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