3 Head Tall Colored Chibi

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  • $ 23.75 base price
  • 3 days estimated turnaround
  • 5 / 5 available
3 Head Tall Colored Chibi
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within 3.9 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 3 clients thus far.

haeunee2 describes this slot:

Stylized 3 Head tall mini Chibi Commission!


  • Average dimension of this commission will be roughly 1200X1600 pixels [depending on project] (300 dpi resolution)
  • This commission will have a clean soft cell shading style
  • Your Chibis will be on a transparent background, making it easy to place them anywhere you'd like!
  • They are also surrounded by optional colored border for that extra pop!
  • Up to 2 free rough sketches offered during planning phase!


  • The starting price is $23.75 (accounting for the 15% service fee to do transactions on this website)
  • For more than one characters within the same commission, there will be an additional discounted price
    • Ex) 2 chibi subjects will be priced at $23.75 +$20.00 = total $43.75 final price)
  • Based on complexity of the pose, there may be additional charges

How it Works:

  1. Client makes the first request, providing the necessary descriptions and references
  2. Free Planning Phase:
    • Through the messaging system, I will ask for clarifications and provide a rough draft of the directions I would take of the commission
    • Up to 2 edits are free! (Additional fee will be charged if a third edit request is made, so please provide as much details and information during early planning phases!)
  3. Price Calculation Phase:
    • Based on the commission I will calculate a final price for the overall commission
    • In the equation, it will account for additional characters, complexity of the details/pose of the character requested, additional edit request made
    • I will post up the final price after the calculation.
    • This is the time you can negotiate for the optimal price for this commission!
    • *Depending on the session, I will charge the client with a service fee! If multiple edits were requested but no final product was settled by the client, there will be a minimum $5 service fee charged. (For more information, feel free to contact me!)
    • Once we agreed on the price and the final draft of the rough draft, the client can confirm the payment of the commission. (mark it as paid)
    • I will work on the final draft of the commission based on the final rough draft
    • Feel free to ask for any updates or Works in Progress!
    • It will roughly take me 1-3 days (unless specified otherwise)
  5. Final Product!
    • Once I am finished, I will upload the final product with a watermark
    • I will accept any minor edit request at this point
    • Once I received the payment (the client needs to mark the slot as "completed") I will then re-upload the final product without the watermark

Things to keep in mind:

Please provide with as much details as possible during the initial phases! I will accept upto 2 edit requests during the initial planning phases and charge extra for additional edit requests! For client satisfaction, providing ample amount of details and reference photos will lead to better results!

I will mention early on if your commission is possible according to my skill set. (To protect you from unnecessary rough draft back and forth and possible additional charges)

My goal is for customer satisfaction! I look forward to work with you! :)


Accelbat writes:

A great artist and delivers on the art

nathansmart writes:

Very fast! Great work! Responds very quickly to questions and comments.

miyahe1 writes:

Fantastic work. Would commission again!

iichaiir writes:

Very amazing work once again! Truly an amazing and detailed turn out!

iichaiir writes:

This artist has such an amazing talent and is able to create amazing ideas. I would recommend this artist 10-fold!

iichaiir writes:

! Such an amazing piece it was extremely well made, and quickly but flawlessly made!!

iichaiir writes:

Such an amazing turn out, truly a work of art the colors were a great choice! Definitely a recommendation!

illumadnati writes:

Received quickly, nice interaction and totally satisfied!

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