Pencil Monster or Creature of any type.
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Pencil Monster or Creature of any type.

For $10 I'll draw any monster or creature of your choice whether it's rooted in fantasy, sci fi, or any other style or design philosophy. Fully shaded and detailed.

Even if your not sure what you want, or just want to see something cool based on a silly or bizarre prompt, I'm totally down. I like a challenge and enjoy designing.

The result will be either scanned or properly photographed to highlight just the image.

My completion time is highly subjective. I have a record label and work on original music as well as a comic book and often juggle multiple commissions at once. So even though I will always give you my best work, it may occasionally take longer than expected.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 8 clients thus far.

client reviews


October 27 2017

Super detailed, Polite, Kind. gave me what i wanted :D


September 22 2017

The artist pays a lot of attention to detail, and they clearly put a lot of passion in their work! It was well worth the money.


June 07 2017

Beautiful work and really fast turnaround

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  • Full Scale digital painting.
    Full Scale digital painting.
  • Painted Character (Color)
    Painted Character (Color)

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