Full Body Colored Chibi
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Full Body Colored Chibi


Cute chibi full body portraits in color! I'll be using Manga Studio 5, Paint Tool SAI and brush pen.

Extra Characters: 1 is included, $7 for extra characters.

Complex backgrounds will require an additional fee of up to $10 (depending how much time it takes)

I will send you timely updates of each stage so you can check and give feedback!

Please send: Reference Images and/or Text to better portray your character!

What you'll get:

*A Hi-Res (300 dpi) .PSD file

*A Hi-Res (600 dpi) .JPEG file

*A Low-Res (72 dpi) .JPEG/.PNG file


I, the artist, retain the rights to the artwork produced. You may use the art for personal use as long as I am visibly credited (attribution). If you are interested in gaining the rights to the images for commercial purposes, you must contact me through email and pay an additional fee.


I reserve the right to refuse any commission if I do not feel comfortable with it. I will cancel & refund your commission at any time BEFORE the final delivery if you are not happy with the work. I reserve the right to publish my work on my website, blog and social media as I see fit.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 5 clients thus far.

client reviews


September 07 2018

Wonderful artist! Was very quick and responsive. The final product was totally worth it and I definitely recommend this artist to anyone.


August 29 2018

I had a very positive experience with this artist, they were professional and created the Twitch emotes I wanted in a timely manner. I would highly recommend delicateSketches for any Twitch streamer that wants affordable, but high quality, emotes for their channel.


August 12 2018

Amazing, professional, patient and kind artist! I am really satisfied! I will recommend this artist to all my streamer friends! And probably i will back here ^^


August 11 2018

Thank you very much; this was awesome! It's exactly what I was hoping for :) I know another starting twitch streamer who I'll send your way.


July 27 2018

I am very happy with my commission of 3 emotes. It was very easy to work with the very friendly artist! And as a result I now have 3 emotes just as, if not better than, I imagined! Can only recommend.


July 18 2018

A pleasure to work with, commissioned multiple times and always delivers quality work.


March 07 2018

Thank you so very much for doing such an awesome job!


March 02 2018

Very well done !


March 01 2018

You are awesome! Thanks so much! What link would you prefer I use to credit you?


February 28 2018

Friendly, professional artist and was very responsive to all of my edit requests. I love the final art I received!

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