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I'm close my commission at the moment/ For you who still want to commissioning me, feel free chat me / send me a whisper first if I can do your request. I'm working on my new artstyle and my slot with new price right now. So if you want to commission don't hesitate to chat me anytime. Thank you!

Hello! I'm an manga and anime artist. I open commission for living. If you like my artstyle, feel free to contact and order. We can talk and I can draw anything you want me to, as long as I'm comfortable with it.

Sometimes I work slowly to get the best result for your commission, so I hope you okay with that />w<\

Commissions accepted and currently working : https://ionathavico.carrd.co


You can always tip me in here -> TIP ME HERE

or if you want to donate / support me, feel free to follow me at my Ko-Fi -> MY KO-FI



Here's the price for commissioning me. The price are included tax & service :


✤ anime manga style / soft shaded ✤
bust up = 30$
half body = 45$
thigh up / full body = 65$
add character = same as base price
add full background colored = +35$
add detail (like armor or other difficult costume) = +7-20$
add property/item (like weapon etc) = +7-20$

If it's too much details I will charge more than 20$. I hope you understand because it will take long time to do


✤ Colored sketch anime style ✤
headshot = 20$
half body = 30$
thigh up / Full body = 45$
add character = same as base price
add armor / weapon = +7-20$


✤ 1 Color headshot sketch ✤
Headshot = 15$
1 character
I will close the half body and full body for this slot, so there will be headshot only


✤ Couple Soft Style ✤
Bust up = 40$
Half body = 60$
Couple / 2 character
No Background
I will close the full body for this slot


✤ Chibi Anime Artstyle ✤
1 character = 25$
add character = +20$
add full backgound colored = +35$


✤ Remove my sign ✤
price +15$

✤ I WON'T DO ANY OF EXTREME NSFW ✤ DRAWING (showing genitalia / intercourse / sex scene)
Please contact me first because I only do slight NSFW (sexy pose / seductive pose / nipple show only) Price = +30% from whole price

If you don't have any of the reference and you want me to draw base on your imagination / different references, character design (1 canvas full body) = 100-150$ (depend on difficulties)
character sheet (2 full body with details) = 300-350$ (depend on difficulties)

Price = ±150% from whole price
It will be count for book cover, game or anything Youtube related, etc. contact me first to get the real price.

When ordering, please give me :

  • Reference and description of the character or person you want me to draw.
  • Preferred vibe, expression and pose
  • canvas preference (portrait / landscape)

What you will get :

  • High resolution 300DPI
  • Printable A4 canvas
  • 1500x1500 for colored headshot
  • No background (grey, transparent or white BG. Just tell me what do you want when ordering)
  • JPEG version of the picture
  • still have my sign in the picture (remove my sign +15$)

thank you so much for the love and support (◕‿◕)♡


  • anime manga style / soft shaded
  • Colored sketch anime style
  • Chibi Anime Artstyle
  • Couple Soft Style

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