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Hello,I'm gosongz,Currently working as a freelance illustrator, I draw 2D japanese anime-ish style illustration. I use Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop

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Friendly and hard-working! Gonna commission again

Very nice artist. Pleasant to work with. Definitely recommend!

Ladies! You want someone who is drawing Arknight/Girl's Fronline-type of art? You come to this artist, but you come with him with your original character and references. This man will draw what you're seeking. However, this individual also does different types of work as well, just be a good client and provide references, descriptions, and whatever they need. Show them respect, and you'll get some excellent quality work.

Ladies! You want art that is currently trending due to Arknights & Girls Frontline? You come to this gentlemen, and he will provide damn good results and will work with you. However, I ask of you to treat this artist/illustrator with great care due to the language barrier. Provide as much references as possible, and show what you want. P.S. Ask about Astolfo-type characters. ;^]

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