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I CHECK A&C PAGES EVERYDAY, so I'll reply within 24hour! :)


Let me introduce myself.

Hi there, you can call me frz, like "freeze"! I'm a digital painter/illustrator living in Indonesia. My drawing style tends to anime/semi, but I can adapt to most anything. Don't worry, I work very fast. A sense of desire or urge to create a work really pushed me to succeed in fulfilling success. There is a thing that cannot be mentioned about how I feel about the person who ordered an original work made by me.

Take a look at my Portofolio | IG, I learned how to communicate through the art that I put in the form especially the art of Visual: Digital Painting/Illustrating/Drawing/Graphic/, and Manipulation, with over 5+ years of experience in Illustration mostly using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom, Paint Tool SAI.

They say "Creativity is Inteligent having fun", they're right somehow. It's not that easy to put your soul and heart into one thing called Art.

I love to watch Sci-fi, Adventure, Horror, Mystery, Fantasy Anime, Cartoon, or Regular Movie, and listening to Lofi, Chill Hip-Hop, Rap sometimes, Classical, Country, EDM Music

It's a pleasure to be connected with all of you!

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  • Anime Style Drawing
  • Character - Detailed Background
  • PROMO! Semi Realistic Drawing
  • Character - Simple Background
  • Visual Novel Quality Detailed Background

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