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User4Friends Arantxa (but you can call me User)

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General information:

  • Spain
  • Verified e-mail address
  • Verified artist
  • Unverified payment method
  • Response time: Same-day


  • February 2017

I had use my money to buy tattoo staff because i need it! And O-M-G IT'S SO EXPENSIVE. I am also doing small jobs that require many hours and I'm studying in my Japanese classes. My time for commissions has been greatly reduced, so I apologize if I do not meet the deadline.

  • April 2017

I accept a job to work on a comic. I've not started yet but I'll say it as soon as I start. That means less time to work on commissions.

Time Zone:
- Nov. to April: (CET) UTC +01:00
- April to Nov: (CEST) UTC +02:00

Hi! My name is Arantxa, but everyone knows me as User (yup, it's weird, but it's a looong story)
I am a self-taught girl, lover of art (visual arts, dance, acting, etc). I'm studing japanese and I wanted to study Art at the university but It's too expensive so I studied Tattoo!
I try to sell my art to earn some money for studies while I'll search some jobs. So, check my commissions and ask whatever you want!

Commission slots:

  • Full-body Full color
    Full-body Full color
  • Half Body Full Color
    Half Body Full Color
  • Simple Icon
    Simple Icon
  • Character Sheet (SU Style)
    Character Sheet (SU Style)
  • Character Sheet (Anime style)
    Character Sheet (Anime style)

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