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User4Friends Arantxa (but you can call me User)

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General information:

  • Spain
  • Verified e-mail address
  • Verified artist
  • Unverified payment method
  • Response time: Same-day

Artist's Statistics:

  • Total Commissions :           137
  • Completed Commissions : 84



Hello everyone. A&C is such an amazing website to clients and artists so they can contact each other with security. But the website need money to stay open and that means they took the money from the artists (and It's a fair percentage) but my case is special.

I'm from europe and my currency is the Euro. That's a problem because this web use USA Dollar and send it to paypal. Paypal change my Dollar money on Euro and they take a fee from that money. Then I have to add the money to my bank account and my bank charges me for that transaction.

In the end I receive less money than the customers pay. If a client pays $ 20, I will receive approximately $ 16 in my national currency. I lose about $ 4 for each job.

For that reason I am forced to change the prices to be fairer with the money I receive. I hope you can understand and thank you very much for your support.


Time Zone:
- Nov. to April: (CET) UTC +01:00
- April to Nov: (CEST) UTC +02:00

Hi! My name is Arantxa, but everyone knows me as User (yup, it's weird, but it's a looong story)
I am a self-taught girl, lover of art (visual arts, dance, acting, etc). I'm studing english and I wanted to study Art at the university but It's too expensive so I studied Tattoo!
I try to sell my art to earn some money for studies while I'll search some jobs. So, check my commissions and ask whatever you want!

Commission slots:

  • Full-body Full color
    Full-body Full color
  • Half Body Full Color
    Half Body Full Color
  • Pixel art (animation optional) - 140px
    Pixel art (animation optional) - 140px
  • Character Sheet
    Character Sheet
  • Bustshot sketch (color)
    Bustshot sketch (color)