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I am a recent graduate from the art institute but have considered myself to be an artist most of my life. I have a BS in Media Arts and Animation but I specialize in comic art, graphic design, cartoons, and logo design. I am competent with both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator as well as being relatively familiar with Adobe Flash.

I am very dedicated to my art to the point of being a perfectionist sometimes which can cause my process to be a bit slower than others but that's because i heavily believe in quality over speed. I am obviously still completely respectful to deadlines and will compromise if i need to, but I will always try to make sure that i'm delivering the best possible work that i can for a client.

If you are looking for stylized cartoon art or graphic or logo design and like what i have to offer then please send me a message and hopefully we can work together.


  • Colored Cartoon Vector Art
    Colored Cartoon Vector Art
    Colored Cartoon Vector Art

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