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ReenaCat Valerina Reena

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General information:

  • Malaysia
  • Verified e-mail address
  • Verified artist
  • Response time: 15.6 days

For this site, I usually call myself as Reena.

I'm an animator and illustrators who love to make cute and lovable design. Also, I really love creating new world-building and make some alot of research of it to make the design more real and satisfying. For now, the service I will making is creating any character designs for art of animation and game. New slot will be update again soon such as background etc.

For any question, you can sent me message, or, you can also sent me an email: val02reena@gmail.com

Lastly, please read my term of service.
Thank you :)

Commission slots:

  • Chibi LineArt
    Chibi LineArt
  • (OLD)Your Own Character Half or Full Body!
    (OLD)Your Own Character Half or Full Body!
    Closed 0
  • Character Design
    Character Design